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Understanding what our customers want is at the heart of every decision we take within Bond Chemicals and allows us to provide customised supply chain solutions. From custom product specifications to packaging requirements, region and quality standard-specific sourcing to personalised logistics, 我们为自己的灵活性感到自豪, and we are always available to go the extra mile for our customers.


积极从中国采购, 印度, 北美, 欧洲, 俄罗斯和日本, our extensive worldwide network of manufacturing partners allows us to source quality products efficiently. 此外, 在全球拥有超过1000家供应商, we can provide multiple options on many products so that our customers can choose the sources that best fit their requirements.



Our customer-led sourcing approach means that we have a limitless product range. Our area of focus is providing chemicals and biochemicals to the Life Sciences Industry. 然而, our experience supplying products to a wide variety of other markets means that we can often offer unique solutions to your sourcing challenges. 我们提供从开发到商业规模的产品, in quantities from grammes to multi tonnes and the specifications and quality standards (FDA, GMP, ISO)你想要吗?.


We pride ourselves on the high standard of the suppliers we work with and the resulting quality of the materials we supply, 我们的ISO认证加强了这一点. 我们对供应商的尽职调查, 包括工厂参观和审核, is crucial to provide clarity over Asian sources and mitigate risk in your supply chain, 确保供应安全. 除了, we provide full traceability of products from the factory to your facility so you can have complete confidence in the quality of our products. 对健康也给予了极大的关注, safety and environmental issues throughout the supply chain.

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Our business model of shipping goods directly from manufacturers to our customers coupled with the long-established relationships that we have with our suppliers means that we can offer highly competitive pricing on the majority of products that we offer. Our competitive pricing allows our customers to bring products to market and win new business. 随着客户产品的成熟, 我们可以在他们现有的材料采购上省钱, 确保他们保持市场地位. The extended payment terms that we offer support our customers’ working capital and reduces risk in their procurement activities.


Decades of experience sourcing chemicals from across the globe means that we have the practical knowledge to solve your sourcing challenges and mitigate risk at every step of the supply chain. 从确定制造商到选择供应商, 质量保证, 物流与法规, 我们已经搞定了. 我们的专业知识以我们的技术专长为后盾, 包括研究生化学家和生化学家, which facilitates efficient sourcing of products and allows us to offer assistance to our customers and suppliers working together to deliver robust solutions.